Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 in Review....

I can not believe January is gone. Months, days, and weeks go by so fast. I guess it's true what they say, when your young, days are so slow and when your older, they go by, often times, too fast. But, I have enjoyed the growing and the stretching that I've done in my relationship with Christ. At a moment or two, I most certainly did not. Looking back, however, it was worth it. So this is what we've done the first month of 2012!

  • Home school started back in full force. Well, as forceful as starting school at 10:00am daily can be. ;) My sweet girl is learning so much. She is finished with 2 of her kindergarten books. We have started 2 new books(math and English) that are kind of like a preparing for 1st grade book. She loves it. I love that she loves it. My other sweet girl, has learned to spell her name. I'm so proud of her. She must be proud also, because her name is literally written on many walls. And one closet door. sigh. Here is a short video of my sweet girl reading. Love it! P.S. ignore the mess behind her. Kay? 
  • Yeah, we also home school in our PJ's. And we usually don't brush our hair until...well...let's be honest, after lunch. Do we care? Nope! Not at all! Do you notice she has what looks to be, zero teeth? Don't worry she does have teeth, just not in the front. ;)
  • I took only 20 pictures and only 1 video the entire month of January. Wait, that can't be right. Oh never mind, I forgot I took some and already down loaded them to the desktop. Whew! I was going to call myself a slacker. Good thing I didn't speak too soon. ;)
  • I started a cooking/recipe blog. It's called Aprons and Hardhats. I'm super excited about it. I love to cook and my husband loves to cook. I am 90% sure my kids will love it too. You know, since they immediately flock to the kitchen when one of us starts to grab pots and pans. Love it!
  • My sister in law and brother had a wedding shower. I made her a cute "kitchen utensil cake". I found it on Pinterest. I was rather proud of it and thought it was adorable. It was really easy to make. You could really do anything with it. Baby shower, teacher's gift...the list is almost endless. Here's a picture of the finished product with the rest of the gift. 

I made her a baking tray full of things you need to make cookies!(besides butter,eggs,etc.)

  • My son decided to pee in his room and then rub his head in it. That was not a good day. He also attacked me with kisses and hugs. It turned out to be a better day. 
  • My office has been a disaster for probably most of the month. I cleaned it on Monday. So it will be clean at least 2 days in January! 
  • Sweet Pea went to the dentist last week and had zero cavities! Woo-Hoo! She also lost her 5th baby tooth. Adorable. I also made an appointment for me at the dentist. 
  • I cried a little when I thought about it. I hate the dentist. Thankfully, the kids haven't picked up on that. Sweet Pea loves the dentist. Every time she goes, she walks away wanting to be a dentist one day. Every time I go, I want to cry and never return. Let's face it, that's usually what happens. Don't tell her. 
  • We need to file taxes. I hope we get money back. I need to go to the beach with that money. Oh, you too? Ok, lets go together. :) It'll be fun!
  • Sweetie Pie, to be such a comedian, can ask some deep questions for a 4 year old. "Does God make all the stormadoes (aka tornadoes) that come around?" Deep question. 4 year old. I will need guidance on the answers when the bigger questions come, that's for sure. 
  • Had a few date nights. Watched the movie Courageous . It was a great movie. I suggest you watch it with a box of tissue. If this movie doesn't choke you up, nothing will. 
  • Our cute little Corndog, our weeny dog, decided to eat my blinds. Eat them. Why do dogs like to eat stupid stuff? I just don't understand. It couldn't be a back yard facing window, could it? Nope, it had to be the one facing the front, the one closest to the front door. Grrrrr. I'm still a little angry about it. I'm sure I'll get over. 
  • I have a tendency to be cheap. So, it will probably be a while until I get over it, because now I have to buy blinds. I don't want to buy blinds. I want to buy....well anything buy blinds! Actually, I'm perfectly ok, with buying nothing. Sigh. Oh well...moving on. 
  • We repainted both bathrooms. They look great. I'll post all about that later. 
  • My sweet nephew Baby E, turned one. I can't believe it's been a year. It was so cute at his party. He looked like wasn't quite sure about other kids playing with his toys. He dug into his cake and looked like he rather enjoyed it. I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures. :( 
I think that pretty much wraps up the month of January.  It was a month of blessings. I really enjoyed most of it. Even the parts that where taunting, there is still no other place I'd rather be! :)

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  1. That kitchen utensil cake is really cute!

  2. I loved this post..this is our life in a nutshell too!!! Your daughter is a wonderful reader for grade K what readers are you using? Is it Rod and Staff? Thanks for popping by my blog!!
    P.S. Hat's off to you mama cause sometimes I don"t even get to my daughter's hair..especially the days we don't have to go anywhere...the perks of!!


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