Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day and a Guest Post...

Happy Leap Year/Day! I am really not sure if I should call it Leap Day, or extra day, or Leap Year Day. Who knows? Anyone? The point is, we have an extra day this year. So enjoy it!  I'm so very excited today. I am a posting over at His Path, My Steps today. Eeck! It's my very first guest post. So exciting! So go over there, now! Read about what kids and apple pie have in common. (There may be more in common than you think!) I also suggest you stay there and look around, you'll love what you see! As Miranda said, we've known each other,"since our teenage days. Days when spaghetti covered faces and snotty noses weren’t in the picture." 
We won't really say how long ago that was.....
Just know it's long enough. So enjoy your extra day today, and go start reading. Happy Wednesday! :)

His Path ~ My Steps

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