Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple Pie in a Jar

I would like for you to sing a song, any song as long as the lyrics are: I'm going to the beach in 10 days, I'm going to the beach in 10 days. It will be fun. It will be sunny and sandy and fun. I can. Not. Wait!!! Okay, you can stop singing now. Really, you can stop now. STOP! Jeez, lets not get carried away, here. :) This is not about  the beach. But it could be because, well I forgot to take pictures of half of the recipe. I guess, my head was laying on a beach towel and my toes where wiggling through the sand. And a cool breeze was cooling me off. And the fresh smell of Apple Pie is moving through my nose.  Um, what? Oh, that's right, Apple Pie in a Jar. It is yummy. It's an apple jam. It's not a jelly or an apple butter but a yummy mix between the two, a jam. It will be really great and warming on a homemade biscuit. Sigh. A homemade biscuit with Apple Pie filling on a nice cool day in the Fall, when leaves are falling and football is coming on the TV. Fall. Biscuits. Football. Apple Pie in a Jar. I can't wait. So I'll just eat it now and dream of the beach and Fall because those two things go together.  Yeah. Maybe? Maybe Not? The recipe with half pictures. Enjoy!

And this concludes the picture portion of our blog. HA! I will put a link up for the recipe. It is really easy to make and very enjoyable. This was the first time I had ever canned anything by myself. I feel accomplished. My great grandmother and my mom would can all the time in the summer. If you can think of it, they canned it. It was always so hot in that little house but I am glad I remember it. I was able to tell my kids about how their Mimi cans, and how their great great grandmother canned also. It was really a lot of fun. So if you would like to take a few hours and forget about,  semi-forget about your up coming vacation and make something homemade, this is the thing to do. It will be filling on the beach(well, in a beach house, I don't think sand and jam go together very well!)or waiting for football to come on. Go HERE to get the recipe. The only thing I did different was add nutmeg to the cinnamon, because that's how I make my homemade apple pie. Enjoy!

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  1. Jess you are so talented and I love to read your blog!! It made me cry, good tears, this morning!! I know you think I am reading through mama eyes but you are very annointed to write and I love to read how you glorify God and what a great wife and mommy you are!! Love you, mama and daddy!!!


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