Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow...Just Wow

My kids recently got a book from the library called Lily's Purple Plastic Purse. It's about a little mouse that has big dreams. All her family and friends can say a lot of the time is Wow, just Wow! That is how I would like to describe my life. Wow...Just Wow! I am beyond blessed and have a wonderful, beautiful, loving family. A vehicle that runs and is payed for!(woo-hoo!!) And a beautiful house that hold my family and so many memories. All I can say is Wow...Just Wow! This past Friday, my life was shaken up, put through a test. After a fun day at library for story time, a picnic at the park and a little play time(only a little, because it was 1000 degrees on the playground!)we came home to rest and 2 somebodies decided they wanted to break into my house. While we were here. Scary. Thank God, they only tried and didn't succeed in breaking down my front door. I hid my kids in their rooms and daddy! I caught his eye, the man who tried to take peace from my home, and yelled at him that I was on the phone with the police. He got in the vehicle and drove off. Fast. My parents only live down the road from me and instinct, actually I believe it was the Holy Spirit reminded me that he was at home that day. And he grabbed his gun and made a road block at the "T" in our sub-division. The thieves made a wrong turn and by the time they turned around, there was my daddy, in the road with a gun. Needless to say, they were a little freaked out. :) They unfortunately, tried to run him over but he shot out their tire. This slowed them down. A lot. Ironically, they decided to change their tire on our friends property and they knew what was going on and called the police. This resulted in them being caught. Thank God. One man was an illegal immigrant, the other had just gotten out of a 25 year stay in prison. Lesson not learned. He had multiple warrants out for his arrest. They are both currently in jail. They were blessed their lives were not taken from them on Friday. I was on my way to get my gun when they left. If they would have stepped through my door, I would have hurt them. I will protect my babies, at what ever cost that may be. They were blessed that my daddy didn't have a clear shot on them. Blessed. I know in the bible God says, that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, and that He wishes that none should perish, no not one. Even these two, who knew what they did was wrong and did it anyway.Wow...Just wow at the grace and mercy and love of God. The one man told police he that he was about to meet his maker, when he saw," That big white man standing in the road with a gun!" Had it not been for God, he would have. I do not claim to be God and I try not to judge. But the bible does say that we can judge people by the fruit they bear. These men, did not have good fruit. I pray that through this experience that they would get their lives right, and that they would replace their evil deeds with good deeds. I forgive them. Am I naive? No. I have precautions all around my house, just in case of a next time. I pray there is never a next time. Never. But, if there is I will be ready. I pray they get the proper punishment for not obeying the laws. Every thing we do has a consequence...good or bad. They need to pay for what they did. I am moving past this. Sometimes slowly. I am still a little jumpy. My wonderful husband has been just that, wonderful. Supportive. Loving.  He has put security in to affect around and in our house. I am so blessed and all I can say in Wow...Just Wow.

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