Thursday, June 30, 2011

E's baby dedication....

My nephew, Baby E, was dedicated at church this past Sunday. He is the cutest baby, only second to my 3 munchkins, of course! This is the same baby E that my kids love to pieces. They are always asking about him, when they can see him again, and when is his birthday party. Because, my kids seem to revolve around birthday parties and who is invited. Of course, baby E is always on the list. :) I was so excited to be a part of his dedication at church. You may remember my kids have had an outbreak of chicken pox recently, so my wonderful Husband stayed home with the 3 pox triplets so I could be a part of this wonderful time in my brother, sister(in law), and nephew's life. So thank you Mr. Wonderful, you are well, wonderful! :) Here are some pictures from Sunday. I am so happy to share them with you.

He has such a bright happy smile.  
*For some reason, blogger will only let me upload this one picture. So I'll try to post some more pictures as soon as I figure out what in the world is going on!

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