Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a story about missing...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, it's a day late and a dollar short, huh? We have had such a relaxing long weekend. The hubs was off from Thursday until Sunday. "You mean 4 whole days?....Daddy is off 4 days in a roll?"(Yes a roll...not a row!)" said, the girls. The kids LOVE when he is off, especially when he is off for longer than just the weekend. We had Thanksgiving lunch at our house. We just got caught up on the dishes....yesterday. I guess cooking for 2 days straight will pile up the dishes. It was nice. The family time, not the dishes. Then on Friday, the kids stayed home with their daddy and I went shopping! Woo-hoo! Black Friday shopping is sooooo much fun! My mama and I went early Friday morning. We decided there really wasn't that much we needed at 10 or midnight.(Wait...10? That's not late. Wait...yes, it is. Ten is bedtime. Thank you and Good Night!) We were at our first store around 5:30 and who was there? Nobody! That's right the longest line we waited in was maybe 20 minutes. All day. We still got some amazing deals. Let all the crazy people go through first, and we'll come in and take our time and find the good stuff! Then Saturday we had a Lord of the Rings marathon, followed by putting up our Christmas decorations. Sunday we went to church and came home and relaxed some more! It was all going great until after supper. Ha! Have you seen Daddy Day Care? You know the part where the little boy comes out of the bathroom and says, "I missed?" Eddie Murphy says, " What do you mean, you missed?" And he walks in with a look of shear horror that can only come from seeing poop in places it shouldn't be! Then it  gets worse when he looks at the ceiling? Yeah, that so happened to us last night. The boy. That's really all I need to say. The boy. I'll save the gruesome details. He at least made it well, for the most part, to the bathroom. Thankfully, it wasn't on the ceiling. Wait....let me go check just to be sure.
Nope, not on the ceiling. Thank God! All I can say is the bathroom is now clean. And so is the carpet around the bathroom. We are short 2 toothbrushes, don't ask. At least, we had 2 extras. At least, he didn't try to "paint" the bathroom. I probably would have quit. So would my husband. We would be on the road to anywhere but Poopyville , USA. With that being said, I cleaned and sanitized all bedrooms this morning, you know just in case we "missed" a spot. Yikes. Well that was more fun than anyone should have on a Sunday night. So I thought I would share so we wouldn't have to bear this disgusting burden alone. (Please, tell me someone knows how to make my child poop in the potty? Please? I will give you 2 hugs and candy cane for any advice to help him "not miss" ever again. Thanks from one very desperate I've tried everything, I'm tired of poop not being in the potty, mommy!) So here's to a better Monday. I hope it's a lot better than last night. :)

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