Monday, August 15, 2011


I should really be cleaning, but instead I'm blogging. I have dishes from yesterday(OK, fine! From Saturday night) still in my sink.....and on my counter. I really don't leave dishes to often, anymore, over night unclean. But, yesterday was Sunday and I needed to take a nap and then watch some movies. You know, be lazy on a Sunday. Plus Dr. Destructo was running a fever at church so we left early and brought him home. He was grumpy all day yesterday and today, he's like normal! No fevers or grumpiness...Thank God! Anyway, this post is about our new puppy Corn dog! He's a dachshund mix. He is so cute(except for when he pees in my floor, then I slightly wish he would jump out a window...slightly)! We took him to the Vet on Saturday and he weighed almost 10 pounds! Watch out...heavy load coming through! :)  He's a perfectly healthy puppy and is very active. Which means he fits into our home perfectly.
Trying to enjoy his food, right after I took this picture The boy pulled his tail...

See him pulling his ear! Sweet Pea thinks he's a baby!
So does Sweetie Pie! They were taking a nap! :)
How do you like that fake smile Sweetie Pie has!? :)

Do you notice how Dr. Destructo and Corn dog are laying the same way!?

This sweet picture lasted all of 10 seconds, then it was on to pulling his ears....Sigh...
Playing outside
He enjoys chasing butterfly's and running around like crazy, kinda like my kids....yes, I think he fits in nicely!

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