Monday, August 22, 2011

Why do weekends go by so fast? We had a great weekend, how about y'all? I got to spend the day(Saturday) by myself, shopping. It. was. awesome. I had so much fun. Just me, time, and stores galore! It had been a llllllooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg week. I love my kids so much. They make me smile. They make my life exciting. I enjoy being with them. But sometimes, when they all 3 argue for 30 minutes over crackers......CRACKERS! just gets next to my skin. So I loaded my purse up Saturday and went shopping. I didn't buy a lot but I got to browse stores that didn't even have a toy section. I am so grateful that the Mr. was off work and watched them for me. I love him. Anyway, Now that my paragraph long adoration for me time is over, I will give you a list of facts that happened the past week.
  • Fact: Our dog, Corn dog, is now living outside. I can't say I'm sad about it. Because...well, I'm not. Maybe, I wasn't patient enough I don't know, but he just would NOT use the "bathroom" outside. Nope not at all. He used my house as his "bathroom". Thanks, but no thanks! I tried everything: Walked him right after he ate, rubbed his nose in it, popped him with a newspaper, puppy pads. After 30 minutes of walking him, outside, he still came right in and pooped in my floor. I just could not take it any longer. 
  • Fact: Corndog likes being outside. It's a good thing, because he's not allowed inside now. I'm happy about this. I'm not, however, happy when Dr. Destructo opens the door and lets him in anyway.
  • Fact: The stupid, annoying little rat dog, was jumping and hitting the windows all. night. last. night. He may have brain damage. I thought some one was breaking in. Not. Good.
  • Question: Are some battles even worth it?
  • Fact: My house smells like baby powder. Thanks to my son. He thought it would be fun to spread baby powder from the living room, down the hall, ending by the bathroom floor with a huge pile of powder. Sigh. 
  • Fact: His sisters thought it would be fun to walk through the powder and make "paw prints". 
  • Fact: I swept up a pile of baby powder and turned around and the boy was rolling in it. Like a puppy on a warm spring day would roll in grass. Sigh.
  • Plus note: The house smelled good. 
  • Negative: It took me 2 days to get the powder out of the carpet and off the hardwood floor. 
  • Fact: I've lived in the south my entire life, and I have never read the book Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. 
  • Fact: I didn't even know it was a book until my hubby told me. I just thought it was a movie. Bad southerner, bad!
  • Good news: I bought it Saturday at Books-a-Million! So far, it's really good. Very detailed book, which is good, because I'm a female and I like details.
  • Fact: I am getting excited about starting our Home schooling year. We start in 2 weeks. 
  • Fact: I wish I would have planned to start sooner. Sweet Pea is really excited about starting and so am I!
  • Question: Why did I want to wait until after Labor Day to start?
  • Answer: I don't remember. Hmm.
  • Note to self: Maybe start school next week? Ask the hubby what he thinks.
  • Fact: I ordered over 200 photos from Snapfish last week and they should be here early this week!
  • Fact: I'm putting these pictures in albums. They may or may not be pictures from when Dr. Destructo was born. Almost 3 years ago. AHEM.
  • Fact: It's Monday, but that's OK because yesterday was Sunday and tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm making banana bread today. So it makes Monday extra special. 
  • Fact: I wish we would have included a maid in our mortgage. Wouldn't that be awesome? Maid bill included with Mortgage.Pay the mortgage, get your house cleaned. It's a lot
  • Question: Wait....Am I the maid? Every time I pay the mortgage, I usually clean sometime that week, month, day.
  • Answer: If I am, I'm taking a sweet tea break and reading Gone with the Wind and I'm going to talk in an old southern accent the rest of the day.You're Welcome.

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  1. LOL. You crack me up. Mama made me watch GWTW last year. I HATED it. All three hours of it. I'm sure the book is much better, but then again, I don't like romance novels.
    Sorry Corndog is driving you crazy. And the baby powder incident has happened to my friend Jennifer and to Amanda. Hahaha. Boys and baby powder...
    Hope this week isn't as long as last week! Super-glad you got some time to yourself over the weekend!

  2. I so almost bought that book this weekend! I knew it was a book, but only because it was my Aunt Judy's fav! It was an old copy and a little too raggid for me. I do like old antique books though....especially about the south. I the last post too. Everyone should make something from scratch every once in a while! Its good for you. Its become quite the hobby of mine!

    Again I am soooo jealous of the homeschooling. Keep your fingers crossed for us and say a little prayer that we will be able to join you in that adventure soon! ;) Hope you guys have a great school year!


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