Monday, August 15, 2011

My new table....

My daddy, who is a carpenter, made my mom, my sister in law, and myself a table. Not to share, of course, but our very own table! ;) I love it so much. Sitting around the table and sharing a meal with my family is very important to the Mr. and me. We had a decent table that got the job done, but I wanted a bigger table that we could all sit around comfortably and still have the dishes on the table. I'm from the south, that's how it works here....well in my house anyway. ;) So my daddy made me a cedar table that's around 7 feet long and around 4 feet wide. I don't remember the exact measurements but trust me, it's huge.  It's comfortable to sit at and for the first time in many years, I enjoy my meal without feet on me. Yes, my kids have some sort of obsession with propping their feet on my legs while they eat. That's a little to close to my food, thankyouverymuch! I bought new place mats...actually, I've never had a real set of place mats, just a table cloth. This table is too beautiful to cover with a table cloth! I bought the cloth napkins and rings at Pier 1, on sale of course, and never used them. Now I have a beautiful table to put them on! We are going to sand our chairs and stain them to match our day! Here are some pictures, and if you're interested in your own custom table, email me and I'll get you some info! (Yes, it's a plug for my daddy....No, I'm not ashamed!)

I love the design he made!
All the knots from the tree! So much character!
We have six chairs, but there is actually enough room to have 8 chairs!
I'm so proud of my table! :)

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