Monday, August 15, 2011

Some new things....

So we have some new things that have been going on around here. It's not major, but it is fun and important to us. After we got back from our vacation, we did some switch-a-roo with the bedrooms. All the kids have their own rooms, but 2/3rds of them needed new beds. So we got rid of Dr. Destructo's toddler bed. Yes, I was a little sad about it! He's my last little guy. Last child in a toddler bed....Sigh. But, he doesn't need Pull-Ups or diapers anymore. So that's great! This is the first time in over 5 years that I haven't had to buy diapers/Pull-ups! It's all bitter-sweet, really. Sweet Pea got a full size mattress to go with the convertible baby bed, that we used with all 3...once again a little sad! Sweetie Pie, kept the twin size bed she has because it's in good shape. Dr. Destructo, has a twin size mattress to go in his bed. We actually found his bed at an antique shop here in town. It's the bed, with drawers underneath. We got it for a whopping....are you ready?...$25!!! That was awesome! It's in great condition and we repainted it, because it was a really ugly green, now it's a nice gray and looks great in his room. We all got new bedding for our rooms. Here's some pictures! Enjoy! :)

This is my new bedding set. My walls are actually green, they don't look green however. Hmmm.
This is Sweet Pea's bed! According to her, it's totally cool! ;)
This is Sweetie Pie's. It's so pretty, not cool like sissy's! ;)
This is Dr. Destructo's! All boy, which fits his personality perfectly! :)

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