Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long time no post, Part 2..3...4?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Where have I been?  I don't know...I couldn't possibly be raising 3 children, and taking care of my home, could I? I was probably doing laundry and "spring cleaning" my house...yes, yes....That's what I was doing! Only aliens must have come from some unknown planet(probably called..Youhave3kidssoyour housewillprobablyneverbeclean!) and destroyed it. So much for a clean house! ;) I just looked back and it's been almost a month since I posted. Oops!  Anyway. So what's been happening? I'll put it in list form because I like list. They make me feel accomplished. Even if I didn't get anything done, hey I've made a list, I got something done.

  1. My brain was obviously still at the beach. We went on vacation and I left the most important part laying by the ocean...my brain. 
  2. I am happy to report, my brain is slowly making it's way home. It must have stopped in Dothan, AL and stayed for a peanut festival. Probably.
  3. My cooking skills are slowly coming back as well. I completely forgot how to cook while on vacation. I couldn't even make a pancake...from Aunt Jemima's! It wasn't even homemade!
  4. I made some really yummy chicken and dumplings last week, as well as some homemade(thankyouverymuch) banana muffins with a brown sugar crumbly topping...what is that called? Hold on. I'll be right back.
  5. Streusel. That's what it's called. Thank you BING! Had a moment....see brain on vacation.
  6. We had a small family party for my mama's 50th birthday! It was a surprise. She knew nothing. YES! Success!
  7. My brother turned 25 last week. I gave him a gift bag with a kitten on it. The kitten was wearing a birthday hat.....BAHAHAHA! I also gave it to him before church started. Bahahaahaaa! If you knew my brother, he was having a small nervous breakdown. He said, "What is this?, Who did this? What ?" I thought it was funny. AHEM.
  8. OK, I'm back. I had to laugh at the look on his face for a minute. 
  9. I had a birthday also. I turned 18. According to my daughter. She is so smart...have I told you that lately?!
  10. I really turned 28. Even though my brother said I'm 30. He lies. And carries bags with birthday kittens on them.
  11. I am blessed to be 28. I'm not where I thought I'd be when I was 18....I'm in a much better place. I love this life God has so graciously given to me. :)
  12. My love and I went on a date Saturday night. We left the kids with a babysitter. My cousin, who just so happened to be in our wedding as a flower girl. She's 14, almost 15. 
  13. Now I feel old. 
  14. We went to Olive Garden. It was so yummy. I brought half of it home and ate the rest the next night. Yes! More for my money! ;)
  15. I bought materials to make an Alabama wreath for my front door. I made it Sunday. It's so cute. Yes, we are that crazy about football in these parts It is totally acceptable to hang you favorite team's colors on the front door. 
  16. And possibly, dress your family up in that said team's color's and take a family picture. And put it on a Christmas card. Possibly.
  17. I am so ready for football. And fall. 
  18. We start school in about 4 weeks. We are homeschooling. Yes we have people who support it. Yes we have people who don't agree with us. But, we want what is best for our kids and after much prayer, we have decided at this time, this is what' s best for our family. 
  19. We are excited. Anxious a little, but mostly excited.
  20. I've been watching my sweet nephew Baby E, for my brother and sis in law. He is so sweet. I also forgot how much constant attention little guys need. I don't mind, because he's just so darn cute. :)
Well, I guess that's got you caught up for the most part. We've done other stuff. I just can't  remember.
Wait, I just remembered! I went to Target a few weeks ago, and bought all, but 1, of my kids Christmas gifts for $150, and saved....are you ready.....$384!!!! Yes! Thank God! That's done. Yay for 75% off toys in July! I got there at just the right time. By the time I left, it looked like Black Friday, it was so crowded. I was so thankful for God's timing on that one! Ok, now that's all until later anyway! :) Have a blessed day!

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  1. WOW! When I have kids, I'm taking pointers from you!
    Great post! I think home-schooling is a great idea!


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